The General Police Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior

The General Police Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the performance of police duties, which are, together with the competences and powers, governed by the Law on Police.

Police duties are performed by uniformed and plainclothes officers i.e. employees who exercise police powers, as well as the personnel having special or specific tasks which are directly related to police duties. Police officers also perform the tasks which pose a threat to their life and health but which, at the same time, require great responsibility and special working conditions.

Police duties are performed following the principles of professionalism, cooperation, legality of work, proportionality in the use of police powers, as well as the principle of operating with the least harmful consequences....

The General Police Directorate is led by the Police Director.

The General Police Directorate Headquarters comprises the following organisational units:

  1. Bureau of the Police Director
  2. Department for the Improvement of the Work of the General Police Directorate
  3. Directorates at the Headquarters (12)
  4. Coordination Directorate for Kosovo and Metohia
  5. The General Police Directorate also comprises regional police directorates (1-27).